After Sun Hair Care


As summer is coming to an end and the kids are going back to school, repair your hair from all the summer pool and sunshine fun! The effects of sun on the hair can show through split or broken ends, thinning strands, frizziness, discoloration, and dryness. Lightening your hair or swimming in chlorinated waters can also make your hair very vulnerable to the stress the heat of the sun can have. Along with swimming in chlorinated waters and then possibly having hard water at home, it can create a buildup feeling on the hair strand as well as cause breakage. There are some great products to use at home to care for the hair as well as measures one can take to lessen the amount of sun exposure the hair receives when being outside.


Aveda created a three-step product line labeled Sun Care. The first product is called the Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser which is great for removing chlorine, salt, and product residue all while being color-safe. Not only is it great for the hair and handling the hard water system, but it’s also a great body cleanser for after a fun day at the pool or competitive sport swimmers who spend hours upon hours in chlorine! It’s derived from corn and uses coconut oil and Tamanu oil to maintain moisture. The next product apart of the line is the Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque which also uses coconut oil and Tamanu oil to help moisturize sun-exposed hair. The Morikue protein in the formula works to restore and moisturize the weakened sun-exposed hair. It’s recommended to use weekly or whenever the hair has been exposed to sun, chorine, or salt. Apply the masque after the Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser and leave on for 2-5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. The final product in this Aveda line is the Sun Care Protective Hair Veil. The mist is sprayed onto dry or damp hair before or during sun exposure and it forms an invisible shield to minimize dryness and damage. It’s lightweight feeling and water-resistant UV defense formula makes this product a daily need!


Some other ways to protect your hair aside from using product would be to ensure the hair is covered. While outside in the sun, wear a hat or wrap your hair up in a scarf to protect the hair. When swimming, wearing a swim cap or having your hair up to remain dry will lessen the chance of chlorine damage.