Fall Makeup Trends


Along with new hair trends for the fall comes new makeup trends! Makeup looks and tricks are always evolving just like hair. While people typically develop a makeup routine they use on a daily basis, try these fun trends to switch your look up and add some fun!


Less is More!

Embrace the natural! Swap out the full coverage foundation and concealer for some skin tints to illuminate that natural glow! A dewy complexion is going to remain very popular this fall! Aveda’s Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisturizer is great product as it instantly increases radiance, delivers moisture upon application, and provides a smooth, even complexion for flawless radiance. The tinted moisturizer comes in multiple shades and is free from parabens, gluten, and petrolatum as well as being vegan!


Perfectly Imperfect Eyeliner

While winged eyeliner is sure to add boldness and is a staple in many people’s makeup looks, try a softer liner look for the fall and see what happens! The softer liner look adds a different type of boldness that is sure to still enhance the overall eye. Pair it with a smokey eye or a bright eyeshadow as the possibilities are endless. Use Aveda’s Petal Essence Eye Definer to achieve the softer liner look as it is creamy and blendable.


Black Eyeliner with Accents

If you’re too attached to the winged eyeliner look, take the wing and add some color to it! Celebrities and influencers across social media have taken their winged liner to the next level by adding a neon hue or any pop of color and putting it on top of the wing to add some extra fun. This is something so simple to do yet creates a dramatic effect!



The ‘fresh out of the sun’ look was popular over the summer and will remain trending into the fall. While the weather may not permit a very ‘fresh out of the sun’ look; a blush can totally help recreate that. Apply blush to not only the apple of your cheeks but also across the bridge of your nose and slightly under the eyes to give that cute sun burnt type of look. It’s sure to bring warmth and color to your complexion! Aveda has Petal Essence Face Accents to help bronze, blush, and highlight all in one palette. Blend the Aveda Petal Essence Face Accents into your makeup look for the perfect sun-kissed look!