Hair Loss Solutions


Feel like your hair needs some extra volume? Experiencing hair loss? Whether the hair loss you may be experiencing is from stress, age, post-partum, recent surgery, or genetics, Invati can help you maintain the hair you have while thickening the hair and adding volume! One key thing to note is the difference between hair loss, hair shedding, and hair breakage. A typical human can shed anywhere from 50-100 strands of hair a day. Losing more than around 125 strands of hair can be a sign of hair loss. Hair breakage is a separate issue from hair loss as breakage has to do with shorter strands of hair not less strands of hair. The Invati system has over 20 years of research and results put into it. Invati is formulated specifically to strengthen the root with amino acids. It incorporates turmeric and alma into their products which help handle any inflammation on the scalp that may be causing hair loss and the alma has fatty acids in it which creates fuller and shinier looking hair while strengthening the follicle. The collection has won 36 awards for its stunning capabilities worldwide.


Invati Advanced System Steps

Use the Inavti Advanced System daily and see results in 12 weeks

Step 1: Exfoliate

Invati Advanced exfoliating shampoo light is lightweight shampoo that gently exfoliates, purifies and renews scalp while delivering a clean, weightless, airy after feel. Creates an optimal foundation for thicker, fuller hair. Formulated for fine thinning hair and normal to oily scalp types.

Invati Advanced exfoliating shampoo rich nourishing shampoo gently exfoliates and renews the scalp while delivering a soft, smooth and nourished after feel. Creates an optimal foundation for thicker, fuller hair. Formulated for medium to thick thinning hair, and normal to dry scalp types.

Step 2: Thicken

Invati Advanced thickening conditioner instantly thickens and delivers weightless conditioning to help protect the hair from breakage. Naturally derived amino acids mimic hair’s building blocks to help strengthen hair from roots to ends.

Step 3: Activate

Invati Advanced scalp revitalizer reduces hair loss to help keep the hair you have longer. When applied once daily, this invigorating formula featuring our innovative blend of tangerine peel and Japanese knotweed penetrates to help support hair’s natural keratin. Certified organic amla instantly thickens to help lift hair at the root while our patented bio-fermented blend plus our Ayurvedic herb blend with ginseng and certified organic turmeric invigorates the scalp when massaged in.


Additional Invati Products

Invati Advanced Intensive Hair and Scalp Masque

Intensive hair and scalp masque deeply nourishes the scalp while thickening, strengthening and hydrating thinning hair.

Invati Advanced Thickening Foam

Instantly plumps each individual hair strand for thicker, fuller and more voluminous hair from roots to ends, that lasts all day.
Adds flexible hold & shine. Fights frizz. Protects from blow drying. Helps reinforce fragile, thinning hair. Will not build up or weigh down hair.


Invati Brow Thickening Serum

Vegan brow serum delivers thicker, fuller and denser looking brows in as little as 4 weeks with full results in 12 weeks.
Botanical actives revitalize and nourish brow skin to help restore the overall appearance of brows.