Love Week


“Love Week” has been a long-standing annual tradition at Rejuve, and our employees have lots of fun and get creative with it! “Love Week” takes the Valentine’s Day occasion and expands it into a whole week of giving. With the sun setting early and continuous cold weather, the start of the new year can feel like the longest part of the year. If you need a pick-me-up this time of year, consider “Love Week.”

As mentioned above, rather than a single day of amour, “Love Week” is a week of gratitude, kindness, and appreciation.  All our employees draw names of one another and become a secret Valentine. Throughout the week, everyone performs acts of kindness for their secret Valentine. It may be a kind gesture or a thoughtful gift. One of the most fun parts of this week, for many of our employees, is trying to figure out who their secret Valentine is! Some years, employees figure it out at the beginning of the week, and other years, it’s been kept a secret until the very end of the week.

Recognizing those who positively impact our life is important to do, but we’re all human and easily become consumed by our busy lives. “Love Week” is a great time to remind us to acknowledge all the wonderful things the people in our lives do that make our own days a little easier. We encourage everyone to take some time around Valentine’s Day to show the people who matter to you most some appreciation.