Textured Hair Talk: Cleansing


When it comes to any type of hair, hydration is key! Hair can be classified into four types of textures: straight (1a), wavy (type 2a-2c), curly (type 3a-3c), and coily (type 4a-4c). Depending on the type of textured hair one has, different cleansing routines are necessary for the most optimal wear and care. Typically, straight (1a) hair can cleanse as needed which could be everyday if one chooses. However, with textured hair, cleansing everyday can lead to severe dryness and damage. If you have wavy hair (type 2A-2C), cleansing is recommended one to three times a week, while those with curly hair (type 3a-3c) can go anywhere from two to three weeks. That’s right, two to three weeks! Finally, if your hair is coily (type 4a-4c), cleansing is recommended once every four to eight weeks.


These different cleansing cycles are suggested due to the natural oil we produce on our scalp. Sebum transports down the hair follicle of more textured hair at a slower rate than it does on the hair of someone with 1A texture. The curlier/coiler the hair is, the slower the sebum reaches the scalp. This is why wavy hair may cleanse more frequently than curly or coily hair yet not as often as straight hair. Cleansing too often on wavy, curly, or coily hair can lead to dryness, excess frizz, and/or brittle ends as the oil has not had an appropriate amount of time needed to reach and replenish the hair.


You may be wondering what to do if you feel your hair needs some clarifying in-between washes if you have very curly or coily hair. That is a great question. The answer is – co-washing. Co-washing is using a conditioner to cleanse and hydrate your hair in-between cleanses. The Be Curly co-wash by Aveda uses a sulfate free formula to cleanse the scalp of any product build-up as well as moisturize and condition. It is recommended that wavy and curly hair co-wash as desired but coily hair should co-wash every 1-2 weeks. The benefit of co-washing lets your scalp have the moisture it craves while distributing your natural oils throughout your hair to maintain its health.


Micellar technology is a common resource sought after to use in-between washes. Micelles help catch the oils before being rinsed away without letting them accumulate on the scalp which can cause an oily and greasy (and unwanted) feeling or look. Aveda offers the Rinseless Refresh micellar hair and scalp refresher to instantly cleanse the scalp and refresh in between shampoos. It’s great for after a workout, day at the beach, or a good night’s sleep and was voted the “Best Treatment Product for Frizzy Hair” in 2019 by O, The Oprah Magazine.