The Importance of a Healthy Scalp


Scalp health is crucial for healthy hair growth. Everyone is aware, or should be by now, of the effects of the sun on skin – lines or wrinkles; but with the scalp, the effects are just as unwanted. It is summertime! While we enjoy soaking up the sun poolside, on the beach, or other fun outdoor activities, your scalp is the first body part the rays of the sun reach. Yet most people are more concerned with the rest of their skin. Application of sunscreen is important, no doubt. But it is time to include your scalp in healthy sun practices. Care for your scalp with the same regimen as the rest of your skin with scalp treatments. The hair follicle can begin to lose its ability to hold and maintain healthy follicles which accelerates the diminishing of the hair follicles. In layman terms, hair loss occurs at a quicker pace. Yes, hair loss!

Scalp treatments balance the natural oils the scalp uses to keep hair soft and protected. They also restore dry damaged skin and infuse vital nutrients the scalp needs. Having a clean and balanced scalp will promote a healthy environment for optimal hair growth.

Protect your scalp year round with the Pram?sana protective scalp concentrate leave-in treatment. Add on a professional scalp treatment that meets your needs at your next appointment or schedule one today. We offer a variety of scalp treatments to handle damage, dryness, hair loss, or product build up. Continue your scalp care at home with the Nutriplenish, Botanical Repair, Pramasana, or Invati masques. They are available in store or online! Use the masque about once a week in the shower and leave on for 2-5 minutes. Use the complimentary haircare products in the matching line for the best results!