This November...


Rejuve had a photoshoot take place in the beginning of the month. Our annual photoshoots are a way for our stylists to creatively showcase and document their work professionally. This year, the theme was to pick a cut, color, and/or style that was out of the stylists’ comfort zone. While we love seeing the final photos, the photoshoot and preparation itself is a perfect time for all the stylists to bond and make some memories. Then as Thanksgiving came closer, the Rejuve family hosted a pitch-in where every team member brought some Thanksgiving food for everyone to share. The pitch-in was a wonderful chance for everyone to come together as a team and share some laughs with one another before the Thanksgiving holiday break. It also provided the team with some thoughtful reminders of how thankful we are for our careers, for one another, and for our clientele that make it all possible!

Aveda made some big announcements that include new products and also the discontinuation of other products. A new scalp care line called Scalp Solutions is being prepared to arrive in the new year for guests! With that new scalp care line, the Pramasana and Scalp Benefits product lines will be discontinued. Scalp Solutions is reformulated using the latest technology to bring the best care for your scalp. Aveda has also made the decision to discontinue a majority of its makeup with the exception of lip products, brow pencils, and tinted moisturizers. Rejuve will continue to sell cosmetics in store while supplies last. If you were an Aveda makeup enthusiast, be on the lookout for the upcoming collaboration Aveda has with Smashbox!