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Safety is the new Luxury

The most amazing thing about our salon is that in a time of social distancing I can responsibly care for the needs of others. To make them feel great and look good with the confidence that they are in a safe, clean environment. There are no guarantees during a time like this, but by taking precautions it is possible to enjoy your favorite services, and the career I love.  We have just opened a new private manicure room.  There have been a lot of changes to the salon since returning following quarantine.  Safety has become the top priority taking precedence over some of our beloved rituals.  We are all taking our temperatures prior to starting our shifts at the salon. We are asking our guests to notify us of their arrival so that we can maintain social distancing, avoiding crowds of people checking in to receive a mask and having their temperature taken while we check out guests who have completed their services. Everyone is wearing a mask upon entering the salon and throughout their services.  We moved all our styling stations so that there is at least 6 feet between them. That forced us to move a station up front while also eliminating 2 others. We had to give up 3 manicure stations, 2 shampoo bowls, and a pedicure chair as well.  Occasionally we have uncomfortable conversations with guests that are not properly wearing their mask. This is the new normal and it is continuously changing.

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