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I am second generation born and raised in Uganda. Jinja, the town where I was born was right on the Equator. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we really never experienced change of seasons as we didn’t have major temperature fluctuations! Life was good! When we were getting ready to go into the equivalent of High School parents opted to send my sister and myself to a British-run boarding school up in the mountains of the Himalayas as there was so much unrest in Uganda, and the standard of education was not the best. It was in the early ‘70’s that my family was part of the expulsion of Asians that had to leave Uganda during the reign of the tyrant - Idi Amin. I was 15 when my family moved to Montreal, Canada where we started a new life, in a new country, learning a new language!
I received an Associate Arts Degree in Fashion Merchandizing and Fashion Designing in Long Beach, California. I worked in Los Angeles for a Children’s and Women’s clothing manufacturers a designer/pattern maker. I just could not take the horrible traffic commute from Long Beach to the rag district of Downtown Los Angeles, so after 4 years, I moved back!
No sooner did I move back to Montreal, I met my husband and moved to Kentucky where I opened up a Home Accessory Boutique specializing in hand-made Oriental and Persian rugs and accessories. I worked with numerous Interior Designers in Western Kentucky and after 7 years sold the business and moved my young family to Indianapolis in the late ‘80’s. My husband Dal have 2 children. My son serves in the US Army and my daughter is currently running her own Import business out of Madison, WI. Here in Indy, I started a classified ad newspaper franchise called the Thrifty Nickel which is now being run by my husband. I speak Punjabi, Swahili, some Hindi and enough French to get by!

It was a dream come true when I opened up Rejuve Salon Spa in 2007. We started off with half the space and expanded to what we have today.
I have been very fortunate to initially help nurture and grow our team to what we have today - talented, professional individuals have taken the Aveda culture to the highest level, making Rejuve one of the largest Aveda salons in Central Indiana.
With Hether Langworthy spearheading our management team, we are making some tremendous strides in growing our team!

I want to thank you, our loyal guests for your continued support and patronage, as without you, we would not be where we are today!


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